Union Thugs and Incompetent Teachers, A Rebuttal…
The following is a rebuttal for those individuals who are casting all of the blame on NBHS teachers without facts and logic.
Applying some of the logic used here, since New Bedford is an under-performing district as a whole, every teacher is this system is an uncaring, lazy, overpaid individual. Under our current mayor, New Bedford has had three superintendents in three years. The elementary basil readers have been criticized for not aligning to the common core curriculum, which schools are being judged on. Preparation time has been reduced, school funds have been mismanaged, and the arts (which studies show improve attendance and critical thinking) have been diminished. We have two schools within a school (Gomes/Innovation). Class sizes are larger with less support staff. Teachers are penalized for addressing discipline issues within their class. Counselors and nurses, necessary for child development, are part time. Report cards have not aligned to the new standards. So, it must be logical that the teachers are to blame.
Upon calculating some data, if the teachers I work with in several schools continue their overtime hours ( which they are not compensated for), they would be owed approximately $20,530 this year. Not too shabby, if they were compensated. Secondly, if a 30 year veteran teacher spent a minimal $400 a year of personal income (which is a very conservative number) on school supplies, one would have spent $12,000, which does not impact the budget. Average undergraduate and graduate school loans are a conservative $50,000.
However, at least teachers get paid to have summers off. Not bad at all. Well, once again using data, I have uncovered that teachers are paid by contract for the amount of time spent teaching ( which does not include hours put in at home, tutoring multiple days after-school, and professional development). Some teachers decide to reduce income weekly, in order to cash a paycheck to cover the summer vacation period, thus bringing home less each week, much like a vacation fund. Other then spending summer time in classes for professional development, gathering materials, creating lesson plans for the new school year, and setting up classrooms, summer vacation must be sweet.
However, those overpaid union thugs are using childish tactics with boycotts and rallies. How dare they! Teachers should have voiced their concerns earlier at city council meetings and school committee meetings. Where were these teachers, these self proclaimed student advocates, when the children of New Bedford needed them the most? I have uncovered, through my data driven agenda, that these uncaring, lazy teachers were actually at these meetings voicing their concerns to deaf ears (proven by videotaped coverage). In addition, they were in the classroom delivering quality education with lackluster resources. They were buying clothing and supplies for those students in need. They were lending their time to chaperon school events, attending extra curricular student activities, and organizing fundraisers.
Well, numbers don’t lie. New Bedford is an under-performing district. Through a rigorous evaluation process, entailing data binders and multiple evaluations that is nothing short of graduate work, how can it be that these teachers cannot teach? What incompetence! Well, this evaluation system was adopted because it is a thorough evaluation tool. If the majority of teachers have proven proficiency, maybe they do not deserve all the blame. If solely using logic, can every teacher in the system be “bad” since it is not only a high school issue, but a district issue? Can it be that decision makers are to blame? It can’t be possible. This rotating door of upper administration cannot be the cause. The school committee has employed task forces to research the best candidates for the job, and in a period of 3 years, have hired three superintendents. Using the odds of averages, one will eventually work out.
With this rebuttal, no blame has been placed on students, parents, English as a second language, and poverty. These are external variables.
In sports, if a team is failing, management is first to go. In business, if a company is failing, management is the first to go. However, if a team needs to shave money off their salary cap, then players are let go. If a company needs to save money, employees are released. If comparing schools to “the real world”, then this must be the logical trend at the school level.
All in all, I’m am disappointed with these ungrateful, lazy, overpaid teachers who spend countless hours worrying about, supporting, and educating the beautiful children of New Bedford. How dare you!
The children and educators of New Bedford deserve better.

9 thoughts on “Union Thugs and Incompetent Teachers, A Rebuttal … Submitted to NBEA

  1. The fact that teachers choose to be paid less during the school year to cover the summer doesn't change the fact that they are very well paid (look at the public salary reports) for only about 9 months of work. This would be unthinkable anywhere else.


  2. ^Let's do the math about teachers' pay. Most teachers work about 12 hour days. I, myself, go to school from 7-4 and take work home. Multiply the 12 hours by 5 days. That is 60 hour workweeks. That is 20 hours more than average. Now take that 20 hours and multiply by 40 weeks. (That's for the weeks we actually get paid for.) That is 20 more weeks of work. Seeing that there are only 52 weeks in a year and I am doing the work for 60 weeks in your estimation of 9 months, looks like you owe me 8 weeks pay. 🙂


  3. With the amount of education we are required to get, we deserve a good pay. WE earned a good pay. We have to pay huge school loans, we are required to receive our Master's degree in order to stay teaching. Let's look at lawyer's salaries, the super's salary , doctor's salaries…. they make 4 times what a teacher earns, they received the EDUCATION-they are compensated for that-why should teachers be different. We do not have 3 months off for the summer. And let's look at our summers, I know I work all summer, teaching, planning and PD courses, and waiting tables. That's my summer. Anonymous-you should really check you facts before you print false statements…..


  4. During the 1990s everybody in the private sector was making money and good money. Many middle managers of various size companies opted to distance themselves from unions for the pot of gold that was promised from higher-ups for dedication and work ethic. Remember the construction industry? Home builders and everything associated with it was making money hand over fist. Remember what it was like to try and get a contractor to build an addition or remodel a kitchen? Forget it, unless you were building a 25,000 sq ft. house or bigger, they more often than not didn’t even return your call. Remember when George W. Bush wanted to sell the idea of doing away with Social Security in place of everyone investing their money in the stock market instead? Whoops, turned out not to be so good of an idea for about the last 15 years. People were leaving public employee jobs in droves for the big money. No one cared what public employees were making because it was peanuts compared to the private sector.And then the “Bubble Crashed”!! To those who find themselves now envious of us who work in public service, you wouldn’t have even considered working for the measly pay in public service employment back in the 90s.Maybe your day will come again.For me, I am happy with the path I chose. It is like the race between the tortoise and the hair. If the pace was too slow for you back then and you chose a different path, DON’T BLAME ME!


  5. The elephant belongs to a union as well. Every time contract time roles around we also get to enjoy the ignorance of grossly underpaid and most probably jealous people who refer to us as “union thugs” while singing the praises of executives who receive thousands of dollars per hour in compensation for cleverly sending American jobs to India.Good luck folks.


  6. The person that thinks we are “very well paid for only 9 months of work” seems to enjoy insulting all of the readers here. I hope you are not related to any teachers. You must be the type of person no teacher would want to be around. Our job is close to unbearable in this city–I would take a pay cut if I was guaranteed manageable working conditions. We have every reason to rebel against the attacks on our profession. We have a responsibility to try to improve the learning conditions for our students. Distorted data is Dr. Durkin's master.


  7. Beyond comprehension that anyone who has a child in the N.B. school district, or is related or knows a teacher canot clearly sees what is happening to the Profession of teaching. As with Police who serve the community, we are not respected for the Education we have worked so hard for, the dollars spent & continue for further Development. The hours not spent with Family in order to complete school work outside of the classroom. The saying, you have no idea what a inner city teacher deals with, unless you have walked in my shoes. I hope to see the day when cities will feel the loss of caring, highly educated professionals. Bring on Teacher Robots, & Computers for all Teacing.


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