Dear Unit A Members:

On December 13, 2013, NBEA held a meeting to discuss the pervasive problems
plaguing our school system. Some of the topics discussed at this meeting
included reports from our members regarding the following:

· Micromanagement by administration

· Open contract violations by administrators

· Numerous teacher termination hearings

· Multiple teacher suspensions

· Unrealistic goals developed by administrators

· Educator evaluations that are being used as punitive rather than
constructive tools for professional development

· Significant increase in number and variability of grievances
brought to the union

· Notably increased assaults on educators by students without
adequate recrimination

· Reports of long term emotional distress among our members resulting in
increased referrals to the Employee Assistance Program and area physicians

As a result of this meeting, a District Climate Task Force was created to
summarize member concerns and present them to the Superintendent. This process
was conducted over several meetings and the Task Force ultimately submitted
these issues in writing and requested a written response to each from Dr.
Durkin. Members received an e-mail copy of the concerns and the
Superintendent’s responses on April 1.

More recently, one of our members at the high school was assaulted by a student
who threw a chair across her desk, nearly missing her. This incident was
captured on cell phone video and subsequently posted on the internet. The
student was reprimanded appropriately (arrested) only after the video was made
public. This same teacher is now facing disciplinary action and possible
termination from her teaching position.

As a direct result of recent events, we feel it is imperative to meet
collectively to determine if our concerns, particularly assaults, were
reasonably and fairly addressed by the administration.

The General Meeting will take place on Friday, May 2, at 3:15 P.M. in the Keith
Middle School Auditorium. Unit A Members may enter the auditorium as early as
2:30 P.M.

We encourage all members to re-read the responses sent to the NBEA by Dr. Durkin
prior to attending the meeting. It is our hope to have an open discussion to
determine the effectiveness of Dr. Durkin’s plan to decrease the “climate of
fear” that remains prevalent at all levels of the NBPS.

The Board of Directors and Faculty Representatives implore every member,
system-wide, to participate on Friday, May 2nd. Once again, your attendance at
this meeting is critical, because our solidarity and the strength of our
collective voice are the most powerful tools we have at our disposal to instill

In unity there is strength.

Very Truly Yours,

Board of Directors

New Bedford Educators Association

22 thoughts on “NBEA (Unit A) General Meeing

  1. I stayed until the end of the last meeting in December but it did last a long time. Hopefully if there is any voting to be done or anything it will be done within an hour of the meeting before people have to leave. Many people started heading out about 4 at the last meeting. Let's keep time constraints in mind for the planning of the meeting.


  2. Unit B members? Are those the administrative members? You have been like lambs to a slaughter? Have you thrown anyone under the bus for the sake of your own job?


  3. Yes, please do not drag this meeting out. We all know how important it is, that's why we're attending. No more than 30 minutes of presenting the case, we are all well aware of the abuses that have gone on. We do not want to start out with 800 members at 3:15 and start talking about serious decisions when half of our members have to leave for family commitments etc.


  4. If members can't give an hour up for the future of this district on Friday, they better get ready to give up many more hours of family time next year. This administration has no concern for your personal life. Get to the meeting, stay at the meeting, make it your top priority for one Friday afternoon. This includes the teachers from “out of town”. Be seen, be strong, be proactive.


  5. just for clarification-the unit b members include directors-which there are none left at central office and assistant principals.


  6. The MAYOR is posting on this blog under a false persona. BEWARE, he is now trying to save face (public image) and PROTECT himself by reaching out to some with disingenuous MOTIVES.


  7. It has nothing to do with “giving up an hour” for the future of the district. I sat through the entire meeting in December, as well. Most of it was the same old rhetoric. Everyone has been hurt, everyone has an axe to grind, but as a previous post says, we have all experienced it and we have heard the stories. frankly, I thought staying for the entire meeting in December was a waste of my time, but I stayed in solidarity. I will definitely attend on Friday, but I hope it is short and concise. We all give WAY too many unfounded hours every week!!!


  8. I hope that everyone will attend this meeting on Friday; we have suffered enough abuse at the hands of administration and it is time for members to start speaking out. The only reason that one violent attack on a teacher was brought to the public's attention was that one student video-taped it, against school rules, I might add. If others don't speak out, this will be treated as an isolated incident. If you don't want the abuse to continue, it's up to you–to all of us!


  9. When we advocate for ourselves and our colleagues we are also advocating for our students. If you are not deeply disturbed by the actions of this superintendent you have not been paying attention. In military service the saying goes, All gave some-some gave all…in NBPS it is, All gave all-all gone now.


  10. If you are willing to participate in an unpaid SILT meeting, you should be willing to attend this gathering of fellow teachers. That is all.


  11. I agree … It is not about giving up an hour of time it is about standing together and sending a strong, unified message that may very well affect your career for years to come … Surely this merits the valuable time of every member!


  12. We should ALL be STANDING together and standing STRONG. Let's send a STRONG message to the Mayor and School Committee that we are all UNITED.Our elected School Committee and Mayor have let us down on many fronts. Remember, today you may not be a target, however, that could change by the end of the school year or next year. No one is safe under the Reign of Durkin the Terrible!See you Friday. NBEA STRONG AND UNITED.


  13. Everyone needs to attend. The climate of our schools is deteriorating rapidly. Roosevelt has had THREE fires set in our bathrooms this week.


  14. If a member is on leave for any reason, is it right, proper, or safe for them to attend the meeting. I can only imagine hearing the line, “if you're well enough to attend a meeting you are well enough to report to work. I am truly sick of this system, administration, and working condition.


  15. A child in my son's class threw a desk and a chair which hit 5 students including my son. There was never any communication from anyone at school about this event. My child attends what i consider to be the best school in the district, not only has this type of incident never happened there used to be an abundance of communication between the home-school community. something has changed and i don't know what it is.


  16. WOW! That's an assault and should be reported to the police. What the heck is going on in these children's lives? I hope your son is OK, but it must be frightening for you to send him back to that classroom.


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