5 thoughts on “2014 NBEA Retirement Dinner

  1. The Retirement Dinner held this week at Century House was very well done. The change of venue seemed to work out very well, the food was great and it was truly a fitting way to honor our retirees and their guest. I would like to see this event expanded to give EVERY NBEA member who wishes to attend the opportunity to purchase a ticket and be able to honor their colleagues.


  2. Hats off to the union for their recognition of educators and their contribution to the education of the children of New Bedford….Too bad the city and school department don't do anything to recognize their teachers who have given their lives and money to the children of New Bedford….Thank god the union at least steps up to the plate to make sure the retirees know that someone cared….for all their years of service…Way to go N.B.E.A…………………:)


  3. So true. I remember when this district gave out service pins at PRAB in a short but nice ceremony. Then we started getting them in our school mail slot, then they were abolished due to the “cost”.


  4. ^ Service pins are still handed out to city departments downtown. Ask our “Educational Mayor” why only certain city employees receive these!!!


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