MTA Recommends Coakley for Governor

The Massachusetts Teachers Association is recommending Attorney General Martha Coakley for governor in the state’s general election on November 4.

“Martha Coakley has a track record of supporting public schools, public higher education and the rights of working families,” said MTA President Barbara Madeloni. “Her policies would be far better for students, educators and communities than Charlie Baker’s.”

Coakley’s platform includes support for universal access to early childhood education in the state’s financially strapped Gateway Cities, which is a priority for the MTA. She has also expressed concern about the excessive focus on standardized tests in schools, and she supports Question 4, the ballot initiative to require employers with 11 or more workers to provide earned sick time benefits.

Baker is focused on increasing the number of charter schools and reducing educators’ collective bargaining rights in certain circumstances. He opposes the earned sick time requirements in Question 4, and he opposed the MTA-backed Foundation Budget Review Commission. The commission was established in the fiscal 2015 state budget to examine whether schools have enough funding to provide students with the quality education to which they are entitled.
Please do all you can to support the Martha Coakley campaign between now and the election on November 4. To learn how you can help, please contact Jo Ann Fitzgerald by e-mailing

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