A Tangible Mission
GiftsToGive™ is a magical place. Thousands of local children come here to engage in giving and service. We call it Tangible Philanthropy and Big Citizenship.
Kids donate their “gently-used” clothes, toys, books and things they no longer need or use and volunteer at our huge re-purposing center to process, organize and package tons of donations, transforming them into thousands of individual gift packages.
Hundreds of local agencies and care givers go on-line and order customized gift-packages for homeless and at-risk children in their care. All this is made possible through the skill sets and commitment of our volunteer management team.
Our NGO business model is low cost, high impact and we’re working to be self-sustaining. In essence, we’re building a more caring community by repositioning philanthropy and redefining citizenship. 
Big Values:
The Power of Giving and Service; “Tangible Philanthropy” and “Big Citizenship”
    High School Change Makers

  • GiftsToGive is about  connecting young people to giving and service through their “doing”
  • Supporting public schools
  • Offering adults a sustainable, tangible philanthropy
Providing Kids With the Essentials of Childhood
  • Service Learning Programs with Schools
  • Early Literacy Programs in Kindergartens
  • Middle School Mentoring
  • Youth Philanthropy
  • Student Leadership Intern Programs
  • Happy Birthday Programs
  • Project Cinderella
  • Giving immediate help to kids who need basic essentials
Abby's friends helped her deliver the 600+ books she collected for her mitzvah project.

Supporting Community Organizations
  • Supporting public schools, PTO building, volunteer mentoring and early literacy
  • Connecting local agencies, schools, universities and colleges
  • Adding value, being helpful, sharing, not reinventing or duplicating
  • Leveraging existing resources
Building Community Around All Children
  • Connecting families to act together to solve shared problems
  • Building community around all our children, while fostering big citizenship
  • Connecting parents to help their children be successful in school

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