We recognize that the information coming from DESE regarding the awarding of the SEI endorsements has been confusing. DESE has notified Superintendents, RETELL district liaisons, course instructors and MTA leadership of the errors and their plans to send a corrected message to impacted educators.  We continue our discussions with DESE and will be updating as information becomes available. In addition, the MTA is sharing updated information regarding the potential cancellation of SEI Endorsement courses.



SEI Endorsement Notifications

Recently, DESE sent emails to some educators regarding the status of their SEI Endorsement which indicated that the educator had failed to obtain the Endorsement despite having completed the DESE courses. Not all educators received a message from DESE. Members should not be concerned if they did receive any email from DESE regarding the SEI Endorsement.


If you received such an email, you can expect to receive either a correction email from DESE, notifying  you that the SEI Endorsement has been awarded, or an email that will contain instructions on next steps to take. This will include instructions on how to apply for the SEI Endorsement in ELAR.


Educators who took but failed to successfully complete an SEI Endorsement course should expect a letter to arrive via certified mail in the coming weeks.


As a reminder, all educators who are seeking the SEI Endorsement must apply for the endorsement in ELAR at gateway.edu.state.ma.us/elar/. Educators will be able to view the status of the application and print an unofficial copy of the licensure information once the SEI Endorsement has been awarded.


If you have questions about any of the communications from DESE, you may send your question directly to the RETELL staff at DESE using the online form atwww.doe.mass.edu/contact/qanda.aspx. MTA members may also request assistance from MTA staff by sending an email to licensure@massteacher.org.


RETELL Course Cancellations


DESE is in the process of reviewing the SEI Endorsement courses and will be sending out notifications of course cancellations in the upcoming weeks. Courses may be cancelled due to low enrollment or lack of instructor availability. Any educator who has enrolled in a course that is cancelled for any reason will have an opportunity to enroll in another course section or may be assigned to the course in which they are on the waitlist. If an educator is unable to enroll in another course for the 2014-2015 school year, he or she will be able to enroll in a no-cost SEI Endorsement in the 2015-2016 school year. This will include educators in Cohort 1 districts who enrolled in a cancelled course section or who placed their name on a waitlist.


The registration deadline for the no-cost SEI Endorsement courses in September 17 for fall courses and December 5 for spring courses. Educators can also place their name on a waitlist or cancel their registration until these dates.



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