As I was reviewing some poetry by Sonia Sanchez, I saw this line:

“Let there be everywhere our voices, our eyes, our thoughts, our love, our actions, breathing hope and victory.”

It awakened my thought process to write the following:

In this 21st century, the power is with the people.
The people are the force that will make or break the world as we know it.
The people are the only voice that will, and should, matter.
The people have the power to create the world they want to see, live in and advance for their children’s future.

The power is in their large numbers, willing and able to exercise their rights and privileges at the voting booth, to select political candidates and political leaders they respect and believe in.
The power is in our thoughts, our words, our actions, to reward one another collectively.

Who are the people?

Not the politicians, priests or other heads of religious institutions, or media moguls, or radio talking heads or heads of states or governors or presidents.
The people are those who can surrender their ego, embrace themselves as they are and do what they have been sent to do.

The people are those who control their breath, know their bodies and use both to teach others how to do it.

The people are the children.
The people are the women.
The people are the elders, including veterans, male and female.
The people are the men who love, nurture and protect the children, women and elders, in the communities where they live.

The people are the light.

Just for today, allow yourself to embrace all that you are every moment.
Know that you are a vessel of light.

Allow yourself to release all doubts about your ability, the mistakes of the past and the fear of the future.

Today, tomorrow and forever, the people are the power.

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