3 thoughts on “MTA Summer Conference

  1. What's up with Charlie Perry? Does he know you have to campaign? I've seen stronger campaigning in any union or school committee race I've experienced. The fact that someone, unknown to Charlie, set up a spaghetti dinner ( like a PTO) for his so called campaign should tell volumes. Does he have campaign items? No. Nothing for supporters to display. There are literally more Giesta signs on NB lawns today than Perry signs. Let that sink in. Another example of tough talk, online and at a random meeting. All talk, no….In fact, very little talk, zero action


  2. When the current mayor is despised by most of the voters you can save tons of money running against him. Winterson must have been plucked to help take votes from Perry. That's how Mitch Will keep his corner office.


  3. Agreed. It's a joke candidate who has literally no campaign whatsoever. He will not get half of what Giesta got. check this claim come November.


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