Guest View: Charter school funding formula hurts public schools and city and town services: Statewide impact To be sure, New Bedford, with about 1,175 students in its charter schools, is hardly the poster child for charter school-driven budgetary impacts. Even after accounting for state reimbursements, Amherst loses about a quarter of its Chapter 70 aid to charters (26 percent), as do Northampton and Randolph. Marlboro and Plymouth each lose 27 percent. Barnstable loses 28 percent, Salem and Pelham each lose 29, and Melrose loses 30. Medford and Saugus each lose more than a third — 38 percent. Somerville loses 40 percent, and Newburyport loses a bit more than half of its Chapter 70 aid to charters (53 percent). Hadley loses 58 percent, and Boston loses a whopping 69 percent. Across the state, 72 municipal and regional school districts lose at least 10 percent of their Chapter 70 aid to charters, even after

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