I want to pass my sincere condolences to Cathy’s colleagues, friends, and family. She was a positive force in the lives of her students and was a frequent and steadfast advocate for NBPS students and educators. While I never had Cathy as a teacher, friends who did provide testimonials that speaks volumes. Ironically, I did learn some from her devoted husband Dave, who was my first ever baseball coach and a wonderful person. I feel fortunate to have gotten to know their family, and my thoughts are with their children Ashley, Brittany, and Justin in this difficult time. 

10 thoughts on “A message from Josh Amaral

  1. gee thanks Joshas i clean out my desk for not showing enough improvement over last year- oh data data.i was immediately hired in a different district who welcomed me.why are teachers allowed 1-2 years to improve test scores and pia allowed 5+ years to improve -rather destroy our city-your city!the last school committee meeting should have made you stand up and say enough but then again the mayor would get mad at you.why dont you talk privately and confidentially with teachers and get the real story of how we are treated. how much turnover are you going to allow before this ends.


  2. So, Bailey out at Keith(2 years at helm) Replaced by Almeida from DeValles(2 years) VP from Lincoln to Swift(that perfect hire returning to Dartmouth) VP from Pulaski (1 year) sent to Lincoln, Normandin taken over by 26 year old…am I missing anything? NBHS turnover sounds horrendous too. How many TFA? What is going on? Urban students deserve structure, consistency, and familiarity. All this shake up does is increase anxiety. Maybe short term assessment gains, at what cost?


  3. The School Committee at some point will have to realize that this dangerous instability is directly attributable to the mean-spiritedness and mismanagement at PRAB. What did Durkin's evaluation this year look like?


  4. I can't believe more wasn't made of the teacher who spoke so eloquently at the last SC meeting! He basically said the data was flawed, he alerted his superiors, and they told him to shut up about it! Where is the story?


  5. Everyone brace yourself for the upcoming resignations. I'm sure there will be excellent teachers sprinting towards other jobs. What is Durkin doing to keep them here? Is there a plan to retain talented teachers? She will have no one to blame except herself when they say bye-bye. The “don't let the door hit you in the rump” policy doesn't work well these days. Neither does “the kids need you.” She's laughing all the way to the bank.


  6. I have noticed that there has been a change to the New Bedford Educators Associations website. It now links to the MTA. Why the change, and where does one now get previous information that was listed on the lefthand side, including agendas and personnel reports?


  7. I wonder what the previous writing is smoking? I checked out the website and there is no change and there's nothing wrong with the web site. I guess some people have nothing better else to do but come up with things to complain about.


  8. To the writer making the reference to NBEA website. It did change and is now back to its original link. As for for the smoker's response, have another cigarette, and take a chill pill.


  9. goodbye pacheco principal – 2 years principal and a dozen more teachers gonehows that stability going josh (mayor mitchell jr)


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