Active faculty advisory committees (FAC) in each school help ensure strong relationships between educators and administration and help facilitate the education process in each building. Download the following informational files and forms for the FAC in your building.

General FAC Information

Faculty Advisory Committee Packet

Faculty Advisory Committee Flowchart

Health and Safety Reporting Chart

Protocol for Reporting Malfunctions and Requesting Repairs

FAC Forms for Your Building (to Download, Fill, Save, and Print)

FAC Template Form

FAC Professional Development Form

FAC Discipline Committee Form

FAC Health and Safety Form

A Health and Safety Committee consisting of two (2) administrators and three (3) members of the Association shall meet quarterly to discuss matters of concern within the classrooms and/or buildings. The protocol and forms for reporting classroom and/or building concerns are accessible on the New Bedford School Department’s Portal and the NBEA’s website.

Contract Language: Article 28 – Advisory Committees

1. Advisory Committees will be formed in each school building each September. The names of those elected will be submitted to the NBEA and the Principals by the Faculty Representatives. The purpose of these Committees is to improve lines of communication and to promote a free exchange of ideas to facilitate the educational process in the school buildings. These committees shall address issues of common concern in the building, including but not limited to discipline, scheduling, money collection, health and safety, and professional employees doing administrative duties.

2. As part of the responsibilities of the Advisory Committee, at the beginning of each school year, each Advisory Committee will recommend the agenda and/or content of at least two (2) of the Professional Development days referred to in Article 12, B.1. to the Management Association Committee on Employee Relations. This recommendation will include input from the principal and faculty within each building.

3. Each Advisory Committee shall submit a quarterly report of all meetings and recommendations to the staff in the building and to the Chairpersons of the Management/Association Committee on Employee Relations. These reports will be from the whole Committee. The reports of the Advisory Committee shall be signed by all members, prior to release. Said Committees may file additional reports as they deem necessary. Each Advisory Committee will be comprised of three (3) to five (5) professional employees elected by the staff in each building. In addition, the Principal shall be a member of the Advisory Committee.